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Huber Heights Foundation
Huber Heights Foundation

  • The rewards from our service


    The Foundtion offers, contributes to and awards community scholarships including:

    • Huber Heights Foundation Scholarship
    • Haywood Family Scholarship

    Since 2014, the Foundtion has facilitated the award of more than $7,500 in scholarships

    The Foundation is currently in the process of identifying funds for a direct scholarship award program with the goal of $5000 additional awards each year!


    The Huber Heights Foundation Community Grant is available to organizations that provide civic engagment and contribute to the growth of community service.  Each year the Foundation awards a Community Grant to directly show the the charitible gifts of our donors at work.

    The Foundation also facilitates the Education Grant awarded through funds of the Education Foundation.  Each year a grant is awarded to further the educational process in Huber Heights.  

    Community Support

    Providing a resource for those who want to help others is a core function of our Foundation.  With so many willing and able community members seeking ways to make a difference, the Huber Heights Foundation is an essential source for community support.

    Community Connection

    Starting with membership, the Foundation brings together  people, neighborhoods, groups and organizations all for a common goal of making the community a better place to live.  Connecting the Community without bias or politics allows the Foundation to be pure and true to its mission.


    Civic leaders make up the membership of the Foundation and are looking for ways to bring out leadership opportunites for all facets of the community.  

    Leadership Huber Heights is being developed as a cooperative program sponsored by a variety of key organizations to cultivate leadership potential from selected community members.

    Making a Difference

    Have you ever asked "why doesn't somebody do something about that?" ...then realized YOU are somebody?

    The Foundation is here to make the community a better place to live, and those involved believe in making a difference.  Contact us to see how you can make a difference!