Welcome to the Huber Heights Foundation

a charitiable nonprofit component of The Dayton Foundation

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About Us

Our members

The current Board of Trustees Includes:

Rob Schommer, President

Pat Stephens, Past President

Susan Gunnell, Secretary

Terry Walton, Treasurer

Doris Studebaker, Charter Member Trustee

Jim Ellis, Trustee

Ronnie Redd, Trustee

Chad Lee, Trustee

Gina Helmick, Trustee

Janice McLefresh, Dayton Foundation Liaison

How we got started

The Huber Heights Foundation was originally founded by a small group of community philanthropists passionate about helping the children of the Huber Heights community enhance and further their education. Initial funds were raised and the core of the Foundation was built.

In 2004, some original members and some new interested leaders re-established the Foundation and began holding events to develop and provide scholarships and support to the community.

Today, the Huber Heights Foundation continues to grow providing more support and programs to the students and young leaders of the community.    

What we do

The Huber Heights Foundation is a community / education foundation that for those who want to help others with the ability to raise funds and support a wide range of programs and initiatives.

The Foundation helps fund programs in the community including school projects that may otherwise go unfunded with a core function of scholarships and the furtherance of education.

The community / education foundation provides services for charitable donor, non-profit organizations, and the community at large. As a component of The Dayton Foundation, leadership rests in the community while fiscal oversight is maintained by The Dayton Foundation.